Gone For Good | Official Trailer | Netflix

Birt 20 júl 2021
Guillaume Lucchesi had drawn a line under the terrible tragedy which saw the two people he loved the most die: Sonia, his first love, and Fred, his brother. Ten years later, Judith, his new lover, suddenly disappears. To find her, Guillaume will have to face all the truths hidden by his family and friends, as well as the ones he’d decided to ignore. For better, but mostly for worse.

The new Netflix series based on the Harlan Coben best seller Gone for Good.

Directed by Juan Carlos Medina with Finnegan Oldfield, Nailia Harzoune, Guillaume Gouix, Nicolas Duvauchelle, Garance Marillier.

On Netflix, August 13.

SUBSCRIBE: bit.ly/29qBUt7

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Gone For Good | Official Trailer | Netflix

Ten years after losing the two people he loved most, a man finds himself plunged into another dizzying mystery when his girlfriend suddenly vanishes.


  • Looks good but too bad it's not english

  • C'est Plus Belle La Vie sur Netflix en fait.

  • Why isn't this in English???

  • Hey Netflix, do you like your new revenue more than you like cuties? Because that is what you chose. Now read this videos headline. Get woke

  • wow, I love Harlen coben’s novel. I might love this😬😳it doesn’t reveal anything in trailer tbh, there’s more😨

  • Very good

  • Hindi dubbed please.

  • I'm hyped for this after watching the innocent.. Harlan coben never disappoints

  • This is what I feel like what reminiscence is going to be about

  • Wow comme la France, sa a l’air nul

  • How can i get de full story

  • Renew Julie and the phantoms

  • French based are superhits🤩

  • Comments are normally ignored, but I wish that God save each of our families from all this pandemic that has us stalking .

  • spectacle intéressant!!

  • When Dead to me Season 3 and Russian Doll Season 2 is coming? im dyinggg

  • Why it feels like gone girl

  • Pls do a new season of Daybreak 😭

    • @Jay Clearmen I don't need your opinion

    • NO… just no Daybreak is garbage dumpster fire..that’s the last thing we need is more of that predictable awkward cringe crap …

  • is like GONE GIRL ?

  • This how i feel sometimes when i want to leave a toxic 4 year relationship or my life just disappear just have a new life 🤣🤣🤣

  • je voudrais une sandwich de jambon siv vous plait

  • I saw Harlan Cohen at the start of the trailer and I'm going to watch it.

  • 33

  • Just in time for covid part 2: the terror is knowing you need a booster and you blame social media.

  • J’ai hâte

  • Omg

  • Like Tell No One?

  • Okay why did I think that was Joseph Morgan in the thumbnail?

  • What's the song in the trailer?

    • @Claire thank you!!! 🙏 I'll check it out

    • It sounds like Beyond Doubt - ALIBI Music, but with French vocals on top. Not sure if it's a real song or just one made for the trailer.

  • Fine ❤️👍

  • When it's Harlan Coben, you know you can't miss it. So excited for this!!

  • We just saw the whole TV series. It was her all along.

  • I thought it was gone for food, a New food related séries 😂 Really like those on Netflix haha

  • From Romantic drama to thriller to action to scifi.

  • 😍😍😍

  • This will be amazing

  • Hj

  • A trailer that doesn’t reveal the whole story! Bravo

    • @Karishma hence the show

    • @Karishma idk about the novel

    • @Karishma Not everybody have read novel maybe they made some changes too So you never know

    • But most of us know the story already from the novel.

  • The Coronavirus Covid-19 : Gone For Good!!! 👍

  • Quite a nice story 👍

  • Wao gand fadh

  • cool

  • 2nd

  • First comment

  • Hmm this looks interesting I’m excited

  • First viewer 😇😇

  • Just sitting here, patiently waiting for Stranger Things Season 4

    • same

    • They taking forever with that

    • @Anisa Jalloh I wasn’t disrespecting anyone. I just gave my valid opinion about the show

    • @Professor Pepe we all have our opinions but people need to understand that there’s no point in disrespecting something someone likes when they clearly are happy about it. Keep the rude comments on the down low please 😂

    • @Professor Pepe shush